Friday 15 June 2012

Regional Study Camp on Sagar Division Shortly

Dear Com
 National federation of  postal employees  was organize study camp on allahabad held  on dated 4-5 december. In this study camp we are deceided that we are organize this Study camp  on four Region of all india.

Region 1 :- J&K, Punjab, HP, Haryana, Dehli, UP, UK and Raj.
Region 2:- Bihar, Jharkhand,Orissa, WB , NE & Assam
Region 3:- MP, CG,Gujrat and Mah
Region 4:- Kar,Kerla,AP and Tamilnadu

 Madhaya Pradesh  is alloted on Region  3 and Region 3 Study camp are organizing  responsibility is to be given to Sagar Division Madhaya Pradesh   .This Study Camp is expected held on Sagar Division on October-November 2012. This Regional Camp organize successfully and good working all the division member and working committee member are oranize a meeting on above subject shortly. In this meeting every one give suggestion  on subect

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