Wednesday 4 March 2015

Gmail, Yahoo, Live is Banned by Govt for Official Work

GMail Login: With increase in the cyber snooping on the Governments around the world, The Government of India had banned usage of GMail for Official work by the Govt. Staff to protect the users ( Govt. Staff) and Govt Data.

The email policy which is drafted by The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) in October 2013 is implemented by the Government after taking the views from all the ministries.This policy is aimed to protect the sensitive data of Government.


GMail Banned in Govt Offices
The Government said in the notification that “The e-mail services provided by other service providers shall not be used for any official communication,” .This decision is took by Central Government and will be followed by both government employees of both central government and state government including the UT also.

This policy strictly says that no Government employee should use the Gmail login or any other foreign E-Mail accounts like Yahoo mail, HotMail for the official work by the staff, And the staff should use the E-Mail services provided by only NIC.

Due to this policy all the government data shall be passing from the Government Servers covering nearly 5-6 lakh Central and State government employees.

And the notification also says that NIC will be Monitoring the activities of the staff and have the power to access the access, review, copy or delete any files on the server of any users (Govt. Staff) for security reasons.

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