Thursday 7 November 2013

Congratulations and Welcome Successful PA Candidates


Congratulations! and warm welcome to all the new entrants.  With pride & prestige, the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF POSTAL EMPLOYEES (NFPE) the delight of the Department of Posts known for commitment & service before  self, feel privileged to meet and greet the talented young blood inducted to the Department of Posts, with passion and sense of responsibility.
No doubt we have every reason to green with envy on your selection to this prestigious Department as you are chosen being the cream among who contested for selection .  We know NFPE Union needs no introduction as it has stamped its presence in the history of Indian trade union movement. NFPE is a militant organization of about 5 lakhs postal employees.  It is within everybody’s knowledge that only the voice of NFPE peals like a trumpet – note, from one end of India to the other, as it represents 70 TO 80% of the postal community in each circle.  The P&T trade union movement in India has inherited a history of struggle and sacrifices right from the days of British Raj.
The committed and dedicated rank & file under the guidance of illustrious leaders of the past and present have earned a niche in the temple of fame for which, no doubt, we know you are the true inheritors.
The unifying influence of the majestic organization is instrumental to which is fraught with infinite possibilities of progress for future generation. 
The NFPE therefore welcomes all of you to be a part of this organization and enrich and strengthen its great works so that you do not swerve from the pursuit of welfare and you do not swerve from the pursuit of knowledge and vigor. 
Come! Join NFPE and let us set together and march forward together! 
Please contact us or our Divisional/Circle Secretaries at any time for any help.  We are at your disposal.

With Warm Greetings,

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